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Vanessa Karikalo - Team AJC Vanuatu

Vanessa Korikalo is Accountant at AJC.

We asked her 5 questions to get to know her better.

1. Where do you come from ?

I am originated from the small beautiful coastal island of Ifira.

Ifira is in the heart of Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu where majority of the commercial businesses are situated. Above all,  the unique experience I will always cherish about my home island is the comfortable silence. In other words, the only noise you will be hearing are the sound of the boats and the peaceful crashing sound of waves.

I have spent my entire childhood in Ifira surrounded with friends and lots of friendly people who have made Ifira feel more like home.

2. Why did you move to Port Vila ? 

For educational and working purposes.

3. What are your favorite hobbies ?
  • Spending any spare time I have with my family.
  • Brighten my friend’s day with my silly jokes in which I am pretty sure they all enjoy it.
  • I love listening to all music.
  • And I am a fan of outdoor activities (hiking, swimming, hunting etc.).
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years ?

In 5 or 10 years’ time, I professionally envision myself still working at AJC and be a manager in the accounts department.

I am personally thinking of pursing my studies in the fields of Accounting and Management and also manage my own small business with the expertise I have acquired.

5. What do you like the most in Vanuatu ?

Vanuatu is the untouched paradise with diverse cultural background. It has many attractive touristic sites such as active Volcanoes, Land diving, Blue hole at Santo and plenty more adventurous sites in which you will not regret.

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