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We Set Up your
Google My Business Account
for better local visibility

3,500 VT


A Google My Business Account is a great opportunity for your Business.

We create and optimize your account to boost your SALES !

Free Advertising

A Business profile and a dedicated space in Google, before the first natural results.

Better local visibility

Better communication locally by appearing on searches near your offices.

Google Maps included

Be located on Google Maps and increase your geographic visibility.

Boost your turnover

An up-to-date Google My Business account significantly increases your revenue potential.

Let's set up your "Google My Business" Account !

It's a FREE advertising for you

If you sign up and optimize your "Google My Business" account correctly, you may appear in a dedicated spot before the first natural results. This allows you to greatly increase the visibility of your business online and attract new customers/clients.

At AJC, we create, optimize or update your "Google My Business" listing, which greatly increases your chances of appearing in this dedicated geographic search space in the first Google results.

Get MORE customers

Google My Business allows you to appear in search results for customers who are geographically close to you. For example, if your accountancy firm is in Port Vila and a client performs a search such as: ”accountancy firm Port Vila”: With a well-filled "Google My Business" account you may appear in the first results, without an account you will not appear.

In addition, if your Google My Business account is properly optimized, you increase your chances of being contacted directly by customers!

Google Maps included

With a "Google My Business" account, your business will appear in Google Maps with all the benefits that this provides.

This allows your customers to use this free and very convenient service to get to your Office/Shop/Restaurant/Hotel and on the other hand you can also be discovered by new customers more easily.

BOOST your turnover

Your "Google My Business" account is an online Business Card for your Company.

With good customer reviews and a well-optimized account, you reassure Internet users and increase your chances of converting them into customers.

For any Website Design

Get a FREE Set Up "Google My Business" Account !

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