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  • Vanuatu

    Vanuatu is an independent republic and is part of the chain of Melanesian Islands flying to the north-east of Australia, its capital, Port Vila, is only three and a half hours’ flying time from Sydney. Vanuatu boasts 83 islands too many to mention with diverse culture, custom, breathtaking scenery, world class dining and diving and […]

    Work and Public Holidays

    Sundays and public holidays are not working days in Vanuatu. In most cases, an employee is not obliged to work on Sundays or public holidays. An employee may, however, agree to work on a Sunday or a public holiday, as he or she wishes. When an employee agrees to work on a Sunday or public […]

    Corporate Secretariat
    We offer all companies and trust structures services, including secretarial and compliance. We can also help boards and committees of foundations or charitable organizations.

    Audit and Accounting
    We specialize in auditing of financial statements. Our team of accounting experts can maintain and complete your accounting records, and help deal with all your VAT, payroll and HR tasks.

    We offer the widest range of services for the start-up, expansion or sale of your business; from immigration and employment advice, to yacht and aircraft management. We are with you all the way to help you comply with local laws, business practices and culture.

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