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  • COVID-19 Vaccinations in Vanuatu

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) is starting its COVID-19 vaccination program in Efate today (June 2), and will expand to Sanma province in August, Tafea in September, Malampa & Penama in October and Torba in November The first people eligible for vaccination will be frontline medical workers, those 55 years of age or older, as […]

    BRAIN GAIN: How education and immigration will help Vanuatu achieve true independence

    Abstract — Vanuatu’s location, geography, climate and dearth of natural resources are all structural challenges to its economic growth. Ever since independence 40 years ago the Republic has depended on foreign aid to make ends meet. To be truly independent, Vanuatu must achieve sustainable growth by its own means. Our best chance for sustainable growth […]

    A small country but our country!

    The Citizenship by Investment program is not just a catalyst for the development of Vanuatu, it’s nothing less than the expression of our sovereignty. At only 4700 km2, Vanuatu makes up a miniscule 131690th of the earth’s surface. At $934M, it accounts for less than one 87552nd of world GDP (2019). By most known scales […]

    Get to know Catherine Amusen better

    Catherine Amusen is Secretary Offshore Corporate Services at AJC. We asked her 5 questions to get to know her better. 1. Where do you come from ? I am from the lovely island of Ambrym, one of the islands in Vanuatu part of Malampa Province. I grew up in the village of Mele-Maat in which […]

    Corporate Secretariat
    We offer all companies and trust structures services, including secretarial and compliance. We can also help boards and committees of foundations or charitable organizations.

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    Audit and Accounting
    We specialize in auditing of financial statements. Our team of accounting experts can maintain and complete your accounting records, and help deal with all your VAT, payroll and HR tasks.

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    We offer the widest range of services for the start-up, expansion or sale of your business; from immigration and employment advice, to yacht and aircraft management. We are with you all the way to help you comply with local laws, business practices and culture.

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    Forex License
    AJC assists its clients to set up a corporate structure able to obtain a dealer in securities license delivered by the Ministry of Finance in Vanuatu. We advised important Forex brokers and securities dealers operating worldwide in their application procedures and successfully obtained numerous of dealers in securities license for its clients.

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