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  • Solid ground: Adopting land value taxation in Vanuatu

    Collecting Vanuatu’s public revenue through a land value rate would empower the most productive among us, and protect the most vulnerable, raising money more equitably. Citizens of OECD member countries are accustomed to equating government revenue with taxation of their income and purchases, among other things. But what if this kind of taxation, while accepted […]

    The blockchain tipping point is here. Can we afford to miss out?

    “As blockchain decentralizes financial activities, governments will continue striving to understand and regulate the technology. And those that do so effectively will have an opportunity to attract global investment and become frontrunners in a blockchain economy.” “Blockchain and the future of finance”, KPMG, 2019 Just a few years ago, the word blockchain was more likely […]

    The case for digitizing the Vatu

    Oxfam’s Unblocked Cash project is just the beginning. Let’s take the Vatu to the digital level. Blockchain-based digital money has been around for about a decade but, due to the sheer volatility of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it’s still often viewed as an obscure geek hobby, or at best some form of online gambling.  But all […]

    Beyond FDI: Seizing the telework opportunity

    Abstract — COVID19 has accelerated the rise of telework; many employers will keep remote work arrangements past the pandemic. More and more “knowledge workers” from developed countries will become digital nomads, staying for long periods in warmer, more attractive locales provided they have good wi-fi. Most countries don’t have a specific visa for teleworkers; these […]

    Corporate Secretariat
    We offer all companies and trust structures services, including secretarial and compliance. We can also help boards and committees of foundations or charitable organizations.

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    Audit and Accounting
    We specialize in auditing of financial statements. Our team of accounting experts can maintain and complete your accounting records, and help deal with all your VAT, payroll and HR tasks.

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    We offer the widest range of services for the start-up, expansion or sale of your business; from immigration and employment advice, to yacht and aircraft management. We are with you all the way to help you comply with local laws, business practices and culture.

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    Forex License
    AJC assists its clients to set up a corporate structure able to obtain a dealer in securities license delivered by the Ministry of Finance in Vanuatu. We advised important Forex brokers and securities dealers operating worldwide in their application procedures and successfully obtained numerous of dealers in securities license for its clients.

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