Accounting, Audit, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

  • Accounting and Virtual Financial Function

    AJC offers a virtual finance function that can take care of the finance-related aspects of your business. We work individually with each business analyzing the various related finance processes and systems unique to your company. Our financial expertise knowledge and experience can provide your business with a tailored service to suit your particular needs.

    The virtualizing of finance and accounting with various commercial processes creates more opportunities for development, which makes it possible for your business to concentrate on its core tasks. It is a strategic, forward-thinking decision for your business.

    AJC offers the following services:

    • Financial accounting and reporting
    • Cost accounting
    • Payroll services
    • Tax compliance
    • Preparation of management accounts and reports
    • Preparation and audit of statutory accounts
    • Setting up and installing of accounting systems
    • Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts
    • Review of business plans
    • Financial modeling
    • Book keeping services
    • Company secretarial services

    Our expertise knowledge and experience can provide your business tailored service to suit your particular needs.

  • Employers' support & payroll

    Employers face an ever-increasing burden in terms of tax and regulatory compliance, while also wanting to maximize returns from their pay and benefit policies.  Our specialists can help, offering a wide range of practical services and expert advice tailored to individual client needs.

    Whether your primary need is for a cost-effective payroll service or a quick answer to an employment tax or regulatory issue our dedicated team of experienced specialists provide prompt and comprehensive advice to any organization trying to manage its employment and payroll challenges.

  • VAT – Value Added Tax Vanuatu 15%

    VAT is a complex tax which affects most businesses and organizations. Whether it’s completing and submitting monthly VAT returns or considering the implications of specific transactions, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. Our sector experts know enough about your business to anticipate risks and opportunities.

    Our VAT team is here to help

    We provide high quality VAT services, tailored to your needs, which ensure that you comply with Vanuatu VAT law, pay the correct amount of VAT at the right time and help you reduce your VAT costs.

    Our services include:

    • Assisting with VAT registration.
    • VAT advice.
    • Preparing/reviewing your VAT returns.

    We offer a comprehensive VAT agent service. As your authorized VAT agent, we can deal with your VAT affairs on your behalf, reducing the burden on your business, whilst allowing you to keep full control.

    Our VAT agent service includes:

    • Dealing directly with VAT Office in respect of your VAT affairs.
    • Being the first point of contact for VAT Office, should they have any queries.
    • Submission of VAT returns and other documentation to VAT Office on your behalf.
    • Hosting VAT Office inspections.
  • Management & Reporting

    Our high-quality accounting services help your business make sound decisions and achieve maximum success. Our aim is to form a partnership with you and supply specific, needs-based accounting solutions on a continual basis.

    Our professionals can provide you with all the financial reports and advice necessary to help you make informed business decisions.

    We can assist with:

    • Preparation of financial statements
    • Periodic management and cashflow reporting
    • Budgeting
    • Financial and performance analysis
    • Activity-based costing and management
    • Working capital and funding strategies
    • Strategic and business planning
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Business valuations
    • IT implementation assistance
  • XERO

    Regardless of the economic climate, there’s a trend in business that never changes … money comes in and money goes out!

    Trying to keep up with all your transactions often lead to headaches and sleepless nights. Small business owners tend to use traditional accounting methods such as a cashbook and cheque journals as this used to help to keep costs down. But this takes up a considerable amount of time, time which can be spent better elsewhere! But there is a solution which makes things easier and more accessible without costing the earth and that solution is … Xero.

    This is a self-proclaimed piece of “Beautiful Accounting Software” and it isn’t lying! Xero gives you the opportunity to see the health of your finances at a glance and identify any trends and opportunities which can be crucial to help your business expand. It’s easy to get lost in the accounting jargon and vast ledger screens but Xero is the perfect balance of simplicity, power and elegance. With this software you don’t need your accountant to tell you where your business stands, although don’t forget about us!!

    All our Xero advisors at AJC are fully certified and Xero has awarded us Silver Partnership status so we really do know what we’re talking about when it comes to Xero and how it can help your business.

  • Risk Awareness

    Risk and governance play an increasingly important role in many businesses, regardless of size or sector. Owners need to take an even more active role in managing all types of risk, from strategic to regulatory, operational to financial. An audit can be the perfect platform to do this, providing assurance that the correct systems are in place to handle any potential risks that may arise.

  • Satisfying Third Party Requirements

    An audit does not just provide confidence to the owner that a business is in good shape—it also offers evidence and assurance to third parties. An audit permits the stakeholders of a business such as shareholders, banks, suppliers, customers and even staff, to make better-informed decisions about its current performance and their subsequent relationship to it, providing additional comfort when deciding whether to invest in, provide finance to or trade with that business.

  • External Audit by AJC

    Our audits are designed to deliver painless compliance for our clients. We use an integrated, efficient, cost-effective and risk-based approach by using the latest risk-based audit methodology.

    Our approach is proactive and is designed to provide reasonable assurance that the financial statements are presented fairly, and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP) and relevant statutory requirements.

    We continue our commitment towards delivering high level of service service to our clients by:

    • Completing our service delivery to a high quality in an agreed timeframe.
    • Assigning appropriately qualified staff to complete your engagement efficiently in a well-planned manner. In all cases, staff have the specific and relevant experience needed to complete the engagement to a high quality standard.
    • Providing you with a resource you have confidence in and can rely upon.
    • Providing you with a resource that can work effectively with your management.
    • Conducting regular reviews of our performance with stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement in our approach.
    • Offering you a value for money service proposition. We want you to feel you are paying the right amount for the right service levels.
  • Internal Audit by AJC

    Today, internal audit has become an important element in the environment of many organizations. It provides the management, audit committee and board of directors with an independent view on the control environment within an organization.

    Our internal audit work is risk-based and client-focused. Our audit approach is tailored and customized for each client, includes identifying key risks, conducting investigation and review, and reporting our findings and recommendations on a timely and regularly basis to an appropriate level of your management team.

Investment in Vanuatu & Due Diligence

Expertise in the legal & financial aspects of creating a new business

AJC can provide you with the following services:

  • Advice on the correct structure for a business
  • Business planning, cash flow projections, budgets & trading forecasts
  • Advise on the best sources of finance & the necessary proposals
  • Registration procedures with government departments
  • Business valuations
  • Customized systems to record business transactions

  • Asset purchase in Vanuatu

    AJC provides due diligence services to assist clients to assess, plan and manage major transactions.

    Our objective in providing these services is to assure and provide comfort to our clients in their decision-making. Our due diligence reviews include examining historical, forecast financial and tax information and procedures to report on issues that may impact on the value of the business being acquired or the structure of the transaction being contemplated.

    Due diligence is an investigation of a potential investment and is an important decision. We can assist you in making such a decision.

    Our due diligence services provide you with a detailed insight into your investment target. The process generally involves conducting complex investigations into financial, taxation and commercial aspects of the potential investment. We also review and examine historical data, forecast information, procedures, and perform data analysis, reporting on issues that may impact on the value of the investment being acquired.

    Our team has extensive experience in conducting due diligence assignments. We tailor our due diligence procedures to meet the specific requirements of any given assignment.

  • Purchasing a Business

    The purchase of a business in many instances is the largest and most expensive asset purchase in your life time and therefore some caution should be exercised through the due diligence process. We can assist with assessing the businesses fair value through.

    • Reviewing and reporting on the financials submitted by the vendor
    • Assessing the business by first hand by a site visit (if applicable)
    • Work through the due diligence process with you by defining the key areas
    • Help prepare an offer based on completion of due diligence
    • Assist in the final negotiation

    We do not charge a percentage of the sale price but only for time incurred.

  • Selling a Business

    We realize that a business is a very important asset and the marketing and presentation of it is often important to what a purchaser is likely to pay for it. We therefore take great care in preparing an information pack for prospective buyers. The service we offer in selling your business includes:

    • Compiling a marketing brief
    • Formatting and advertisements for the newspaper
    • Setting up advertising campaign
    • Vetting all responses from the advertising
    • Sending out confidentiality agreement for signing to prospect
    • Sending out information pack including financials once confidentially agreement signed
    • Liaising between prospective purchaser and sellers
    • Negotiating on behalf of the seller
    • Finalizing paperwork with solicitors

    We do not charge a percentage of the sale price but only for time incurred.