Vanuatu Corporate Services and Business Advisors

Local Services (ONSHORE)

If you are planning to move to Vanuatu, or you own a business in Vanuatu, or are planning to start or purchase one or simply interested in knowing more about living and doing business in Vanuatu, please do not hesitate to contact AJC-Vanuatu. Your first consultation is free of charge. Our website contains information on the most commonly requested services, however we are more than happy to assist you with any other questions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Local Company Incorporation

    Vanuatu has a very flexible regime when it comes to local companies. Setting up a local company allows you as an investor to perform commercial activities in Vanuatu, provided that you obtain all the necessary administrative authorizations.

    A local company also allows investors to acquire real estate in Vanuatu under the local entity.

    A local company can be set up in a very short time frame (one or two days).

    AJC takes care of the following services in relation to local company incorporation:

    • Drafting of the deed of incorporation;
    • Drafting of articles of association;
    • Drafting of the resolutions of shareholders;
    • Drafting of the resolutions of directors;
    • Coordination with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission for company registration purposes;
    • Drafting of the register of shareholders;
    • Drafting of the register of directors.
  • Application for Foreign Investment Approval Certificate

    Every company in Vanuatu owned by Non-Ni Vanuatu citizens shall apply for a foreign investment approval certificate from the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) before starting any commercial activities in Vanuatu.

    An application has to be submitted to the VIPA for assessment.

    Some commercial activities are restricted to Ni Vanuatu citizens only. Some other commercial activities are also reserved to Ni Vanuatu citizens if the turnover generated by these activities is below a certain amount of annual turnover.

    It is therefore important to study the project of each investor to determine whether the contemplated activities can be approved for foreign investors in Vanuatu.

    AJC is able to assist you in all the steps as regards the submission of your investment project with Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority

  • Application for Business Licenses

    Every company wanting to commercially operate in Vanuatu shall obtain the business license related to the commercial activity it wants to perform in Vanuatu. An application has to be done and submitted to the Vanuatu administration in order for these authorizations to be delivered.

    AJC can assist you in all the steps that need to be completed in order for the business licenses to be delivered.

  • Residency Visa

    We assist investors to obtain legal residency in Vanuatu. We liaise on a day to day basis with the Vanuatu Immigration Department, and have much experience in successfully navigating the process to obtain legal residency.

    We advise investors on how to obtain residency in Vanuatu and we are able to assist investors to obtain residency permits under the different categories of residency under Vanuatu law.

  • Work Permit

    AJC assists its client to obtain work permits in Vanuatu in order for the clients and/or their employees to be able to work in Vanuatu.

    Vanuatu gives priority to local recruitment. Therefore, each Non-Ni Vanuatu who wants to work as an employee in the country has to prepare and submit an application to Labor services. Some jobs are also strictly reserved to Ni Vanuatu citizens (Reserved occupation). It is therefore essential for any potential expatriate employee to prepare his/her arrival in Vanuatu correctly.

    AJC takes care of the following:

    • Drafting of the employment contract in coordination with the client;
    • Drafting of the training plan in order to meet the legal requirements related to local recruitment priority;
    • Preparation of the work permit application;
    • Coordination with Labor Services of Vanuatu.
  • Transfer of Lands – Real Estate Transaction

    AJC can assist you in all the aspects of a real estate transaction. We act for either purchaser or vendor in the framework of any real estate operation involving residential lease, commercial lease, agricultural lease or industrial lease.

    We perform legal and administrative due diligence on the property to be purchased to protect the interests of the purchaser and we can also assist the vendor in all the steps of the transfer.

    We determine the different disbursement and taxes to be paid in a real estate operation and we structure the transaction in the best possible way.

  • Regulatory consulting

    At AJC, our Regulatory Consultancy team is about helping businesses anticipate and adapt in an ever-changing regulatory climate. We provide consultative problem solving together with core compliance services to meet all of the regulatory needs of your business.

    We specialize in helping our clients meet the requirements of Vanuatu Law, VFSC and FIU, while also providing specialist insight into some areas of global legislation. It is our aim to ensure that not only can our clients embrace regulation and manage the impacts of regularly change, but we strive to be a trusted advisor who can be relied upon to add value, provide challenges and deliver a service which will facilitate your business having a safe and sustainable future.

    AJC can assist you with AML/CTF audit and other compliance and regulatory mandatory and non-mandatory audits.

  • Restructuring & Insolvency

    We help and advise business owners with financial problems every day, so we understand how stressful it can be when your business experiences difficulties. Financial and operational problems require specialist skills and experience. 

    AJC works closely with bankers and lawyers to restructure and refinance struggling organizations. Our first priority is to focus on recovery—both of the business and its corporate structure. Many businesses can avoid administration or liquidation by seeking professional advice as early as possible.

    AJC once appointed either by the voluntary liquidation or by the court or the creditors are quick to act if you are having financial difficulties, regardless of the size or segment of your business.

    • Interim receiver
    • Receiver for secured creditors
    • Court-appointed receiver
    • Provisional administration
    • Commercial bankruptcy
    • Liquidator
    • Monitoring of a business’s affairs for creditors
  • Tax Advisory and Compliance

    AJC has the expertise and experience to provide clients with effective taxation solutions. Our tax advisory and compliance professionals are highly skilled and focus on assisting clients in managing their taxation affairs and keeping up with legislative changes.

    We provide personalised services to clients on a wide range of taxation matters including:

    • Tax structures for business ownership
    • Business restructuring
    • Tax effective investments
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Goods and Services Tax
    • Fringe Benefits Tax
    • Interpretation of complex taxation issues

    We also assist clients with VAT Office audits.

International Corporate Services (OFFSHORE)

Vanuatu features no income tax, no capital gains tax, no withholding taxes, no estate or death duties, no tax treaties, no currency exchange controls, confidentiality provisions, excellent communication systems and experienced professional service providers. The Vanuatu International Finance Center has been established since 1972 and Vanuatu service provider companies have in-depth financial, investment, banking, accounting and legal expertise. We present within our website the most common offshore services and entities for which current demand is high, however many other exist within Vanuatu legislation.

  • International company formation

    International companies can be set up in Vanuatu and guarantee a high confidentiality regime with no public disclosure of the register of shareholders and directors.

    A sole corporate entity can be appointed as the sole shareholder and sole director of an international company.

    Incorporation of an international company can be done in a very short time frame (one or two days).

    Every international company in Vanuatu shall appoint a registered agent in Vanuatu. Only a holder of a Company & Trust Services Provider license can act as registered agent of international companies in Vanuatu.

    AJC is a duly licensed Trust and Company Services Provider and is therefore legally competent to act as registered agent of a duly incorporated international company in Vanuatu.

  • Financial License / Forex Licence

    AJC assists its clients in setting up corporate structures in order to obtain a financial license issued by the Ministry of Finance in Vanuatu.

    Different applications have to be completed and filed with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit to be able to have an international company with a dealer in securities license.

    AJC has advised many high profile forex brokers and financial operating worldwide in their application procedures, and has successfully obtained numerous financial licenses for its clients.

    AJC is able to advise you on the following matters in relation to this process:

    • Incorporation of an international company;
    • Application for a financial license;
    • Coordination with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission;
    • Application for registration of the company with Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit;
    • Coordination with Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit;
    • Assistance with drafting of compliance manual.
    • Review of commercial documents and business plan;
    • Coordination with the Financial Market Association of Vanuatu.
  • International Bank set up

    AJC regularly assists clients in obtaining and renewing their international banking licenses issued by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu.

    AJC has performs various legal and accounting services for one of the major international banks of Vanuatu.

  • Pacific Management Trust Company Limited

    Pacific Management Trust Company is one of the companies in Vanuatu legally able to provide trust services in Vanuatu.

    Pacific Management Trust is the trust services arm of AJC and provides trust services for many different beneficiaries. Pacific Management Trust can act as a shareholder of a local and/or international companies in Vanuatu in order to guarantee the maximum level of confidentiality to the ultimate beneficial owner of these companies.

  • Trust & estates

    From a personal perspective, our clients want to protect their family wealth and often have charitable interests they also wish to pursue. Planning ahead is a way to ensure effective management of your assets. We can help our clients protect the interests of those they love and whom they wish to benefit from their estate.

    At AJC, our experienced professionals combine their technical expertise in trusts, estates and charities with an understanding of the complexities of life. We take the time to understand your specific circumstances, family situation, business and financial arrangements. With this knowledge we can then advise on how you can best achieve your goals through the creation of a trust, charity or other tax-efficient vehicle. Upon the death of a loved one, we act with skill and sensitivity to help executors and personal representatives meet their needs, relieving some of the burden at such a difficult time, as well as ensuring that the estate’s affairs are handled efficiently.

  • Service Mandataire Limited

    Service Mandataire Limited is the management company of AJC. It acts as the management company of different corporate entities incorporated by AJC and for which AJC provides registered agent services.