AJC in partnership with BLP is offering XERO for FREE

AJC, in partnership with BLP is offering XERO FREE for a year to every qualifying Vanuatu Business.

We are proud to announce a new program that will help small and medium size enterprises (SME) in Vanuatu to move their accounting to XERO at zero cost for one year. This program will help qualifying SMEs to take advantage of simplified and streamlined accounting that XERO offers. AJC will help participating SMEs in the transition and offer necessary training to the SME’s employees.

Xero is a cloud base accounting software, created in New Zealand, it is currently used by more than 500,000 Small and Medium business in Australia and it is spreading fast across the Asia Pacific region. XERO is helping business to grow. XERO is 2018, if you have not made yet the switch, you are still working with old desktop software, if you have not yet computerized your accounting, this might be a good opportunity to make the move and to enhance your operations.

This program is possible with financing from Business Link Pacific. Some conditions apply.

Contact us today to see if your SME is eligible in this program.

AJC will give you access to XERO free for at least 12 months from the subscription date ( if the program is successful the free access shall be extended to 24 months). Xero Access cost at normal price USD 40$/ month for multicurrency account of USD 30$/month for single currencies.

With each access we will also give you a half an hour quick tour either via phone or at our office and help you out with really basic stuff such as setting up Vat within the system and setting up your company ID.

If you need further services from AJC such as setting up your trial balance, conversion dealing when moving from MYOB or other old technology accounting software, monthly help, Vat Return, VNPF return, annual account, audit, each of these are separate services that AJC can offer you, simply ask for a quote. These extra services might also qualify for an extra BLP grant, up to 50% of the professional fees involve could potentially be covered by the program.

You could also opt for other services providers for these services and still get the benefit of having your XERO access through AJC for free. With XERO you can invite an unlimited number of adviser to access you file online to help you out.

No more backup, and file corruption ever, no more lost of data, no more end of year process, no more close of year and start new year, all data available forever, everything in the cloud, all supplier invoices attached soft copies within the system, this is the beginning of AI ( Artificial Intelligence), increase productivity, increase accuracy, simple to learn, online video, etc. etc. Choose from hundred of add on apps that are seamlessly integrated/compatible with XERO, cold be for your POS, or PMS, or your ERP, or maybe managing only your stock, or your calendar. XERO and the ecosystem is evaluating every days, this new technology is a window to the future.