AJC Vanuatu partner of Ratua Foundation

AJC Vanuatu has been a proud partner of the Ratua Foundation for several years now.

We are very attached to the development of our community.

We wish to encourage and promote the initiatives and activities carried out in the country in various fields: humanitarian, culture, sport, education, health, …

AJC Vanuatu partner of Ratua Foundation

About Ratua Foundation

The Ratua Foundation has its headquarters on the island of Ratua, located in the south of the island of Santo. Ratua is a very small private island located between the island of Aore and the island of Malo.

The foundation was created in December 2009 with the aim of improving the education conditions for children in Vanuatu.

Currently, the association is involved in various projects and on broader themes, such as: schools, books, infrastructure, water and electricity networks, etc,…

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About AJC Vanuatu

AJC is an advisory and accounting firm established in Vanuatu since 2003. We offer a wide range of company services such as Audit and Accounting services. But also, incorporation of local and offshore companies, corporate secretariat and support to investors seeking to obtain different kinds of licences issued by Vanuatu administration. In addition, we help individual applying for Vanuatu Citizenship under the Development Support Program (DSP).

AJC has a team of fully English/French bilingual lawyers and accountants. They are able to assist you in all the steps of your citizenship application in Vanuatu. We uniquely combine professionals from the legal side to professionals from accounting and finance side. In order to provide our customers relevant advice and useful professional services.

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