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Audit & Accounting

The Audit & Accounting team are the largest part of AJC Vanuatu. Across their functions, our team provides financial advice to our clients who range from multinational organizations and government agencies to small, independent businesses.

How we work.

At AJC, we believe in the potential of each of our employees and we trust them completely.
We allow and encourage our teams to work and organize themselves independently. They have powerful and innovative tools at their disposal, allowing them to evolve and develop their skills on a daily basis.

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Audit & Accounting career - AJC Vanuatu

Accounting & Audit in Vanuatu - AJC

How we collaborate.

Our team places an emphasis on knowledge sharing and enabling everyone to learn from each other. From 1:1 mentoring with functional and line managers, to call-outs where people are invited to pitch in on projects when extra hands are needed, the opportunity to develop professionally is readily available.

Positions available at AJC Vanuatu

Audit & Accounting


Our Audit & Accounting managers supervise and lead our accounting team. Audit & Accounting managers are experts in their field, and they work with other departments to ensure the company’s financial matters are in order. They prepare financial reports, forecast financial needs for our clients, prepare documentation for tax purposes, and manage account files.


The primary task of our Accountants is to prepare and examine the financial records of our clients. They make sure that records are accurate and that any tax obligations are calculated accurately and paid on time. Our Accountants perform reviews of the financial operations of a business in order to help it run efficiently and help implement new accounting systems.


We offer our interns an immersive, real-world experience. Under the supervision of our staff, accounting interns can expect to participate in the preparation of journal entries and financial reports, analyze actual financial data, learn more about accounting software, and assist with other accounting and audit activities. We expect our interns to be motivated team players, trustworthy, receptive to feedback, and eager to learn.

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    Meet the team

    Damien Mullins. AJC Vanuatu team
    Damien Mullins
    Marie Eve Chabot. AJC Vanuatu team
    Marie Eve Chabot
    Olga Khoroshko - AJC Vanuatu team
    Olga Khoroshko
    Annick Bonnier Roy - AJC Vanuatu team
    Annick Bonnier Roy
    Sara Harry- AJC Vanuatu team
    Sara Harry
    Clayberman Molgos -AJC Vanuatu  team
    Clayberman Molgos
    Gina Mulonturala. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Gina Mulonturala
    Chloe Rolland. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Chloe Rolland
    Marlene Gardel. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Marlène Gardel
    Stephanie Mankon. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Stéphanie Mankon
    Lucie Virega - AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Lucie Virega
    Vanessa Karikalo. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Vanessa Korikalo
    Isaline Taga. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Isaline Taga
    Diana Salwai. AJC Vanuatu Accounting team
    Diana Salwai
    Tristan Le Sénéchal - team AJC 2020
    Tristan Le Sénéchal
    Isabelle Theuil - AJC Vanuatu
    Isabelle Theuil


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