Have you renewed your Business Licence?

The Business Licence year started on 1 January, but you have until 31 January to renew.

If you have not yet renewed your Business Licence, details about how you can do so are below.

How to renew

You must complete the details on the application form, sign, attach supporting documents, and lastly file at the office of Customs during office hours after completing a payment for your Business Licence fees.

Business Licence fees are based on annual turnover and business categories. You’ll need to confirm your business’ 2015 actual turnover, and 2016 projected turnover. Customs will also ask that you to give additional information, such as the number of local and expatriate staff your business currently employs.

But you do have to hurry, the closer you get to 31 January, the greater the waiting time will be…

Let AJC renew it for you

If you’d rather not wait in queue, or don’t have the time to complete all the steps involved, get in touch with us. 

Email us a copy of your 2015 Business Licence (and your latest VIPA renewal certificate if you’re a foreign investor) and we’ll renew it for you. You can make your payment to us by cash, cheque, or direct transfer.  It just takes a moment and, best of all, there is no need to queue!