AJC co-founds the new Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu

Last week marked the launch of the new Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu (FMA Vanuatu) in Port Vila.

An executive committee of six agents of Vanuatu’s Financial Broker Licensing Program (FDL), including AJC, launched FMA Vanuatu as a self-regulatory body for license holders who provide retail traders with platforms to buy and sell financial instruments and securities online. The committee established the association as a non-profit organization.

FMA Vanuatu’s aims are “to develop, implement and uphold the highest professional standards in order to protect our industry from financial crime, earn the trust of our partners and clients and contribute to the long-term prosperity of Vanuatu,” according to the association’s mission statement.

As well as AJC, the five additional FDL agents on the association’s committee are: Barrett & Partners, Company Services Limited, Icount, Law Partners and Moores Rowland. FMA Vanuatu is headquartered in Port Villa.

In addition to helping its members comply with the highest online trading standards, the association’s will set up a disciplinary committee of peers and government regulators to arbitrate complaints and implement sanctions in accordance with the FDL program, which was established in 2016 and is overseen by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC).

Find more details on the Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu on the new website: fma.vu

FMA Vanuatu - Financial Markets Association of Vanuatu - AJC
 The founding members of FMA Vanuatu on the rooftop of our new office in Port Vila. Left to right: Roy McDonald (Company Services Limited – digitally added using photo editing software), Sharon Vuti (Moores Rowland), Margaux Carel (AJC), Martin St-Hilaire (AJC), Mathilde Auger (Law Partners), Preyanka Philip (iCount), Daniel Agius (iCount), Mark Stafford (Barrett & Partners), Jonathan Law (Law Partners).

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