How to Obtain Vanuatu Citizenship

Last update : April 2023

The process to obtain Vanuatu Citizenship is relatively simple and straight. Once all requirement documents are in our possession, it takes about 8 to 10 weeks to complete the full process.

Please note that the initial fee of US$5,500 (VFIU / due diligence checks fees and AJC admin fee) and 25% of the prescribed fee are non-refundable if the Citizenship Commission declines the application. You are required to submit a proof of the source of funds for due diligence.

Vanuatu Citizenship process

The DSP citizenship application process requires a designated agent. He is responsible for receiving and forwarding your money and your application.

In order to successfully obtain your Vanuatu citizenship, you fully rely on an unknown agent to manage your application and fund transfer. At AJC, our experienced multilingual staff can process your application faster than any other service provider. In addition, we make sure you are helped and informed along the way.

EC HOLDINGS, a branch of AJC, is an Approved DSP Agent appointed by the Government, with a vast experience of Citizenship application management.

In order to guarantee you maximum protection, we manage the money transfer with our locally based trust company. It receives the money and transfers it directly to the government. We are the only entity that can guarantee oversight of your money transfer directly to the government of Vanuatu.

As a well established and renowned local business since 2003. We are a trusted partner you can count on.

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More information

For more information about the process and a list our required documents, you can download our Development Support Program (DSP) brochure.

You can also consult our page: Vanuatu Citizenship

or go directly through the government website citizenship section

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