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Facebook Ads campaigns are a very powerful tool to quickly achieve the goals we have set.

They are the best way to promote your brand, sell your products / services or increase your fan base.

Whatever your goal, we support you to make your advertising on Facebook a great success!

Boost your Sales

With Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads Agency in Port Vila - AJC Vanuatu

“We manage your Facebook Campaigns to stand out from the competition.”

Social Media and in particular Facebook have revolutionized the advertising sector by offering companies ultra-precise targeting.

Facebook is recognized today as a leader in the field of online advertising. It is possible to configure your campaigns by targeting a very specific audience: socio-demographic indicators or by centers of interest.

In Vanuatu, access to Facebook is made free by the country’s telephone operators from any smartphone, so a large part of the population has access.

A lot of potential customers for your business!

We take care of your Facebook Ads Campaigns

Traffic & Sales.

With Facebook (and our skills), you can quickly drive your website traffic and sales through targeted and smart campaign setup.


Running Ads on Facebook is a great way to market your brand, product and service worldwide!


Do you want to develop your community? We support you in the growth of your Facebook page.

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