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Linkedin Ads is the essential tool for targeting the BtoB market.

LinkedIn is the benchmark Social Media for the professional network.

It proves to be very effective on the professional target and it can be of great complementarity for your paid acquisition strategy (SEA).

Boost your Sales

With Linkedin Ads Campaigns

Linkedin Ads Agency in Port Vila - AJC Vanuatu

“We manage your Linkedin campaigns to generate leads and promote your brand.”

World leader among the various professional Social Media on the web, LinkedIn represents real development potential for your business.

Whether it is to develop the notoriety of your business, animate a professional community or generate qualified B to B leads, LinkedIn offers many opportunities.

In terms of social ads, just like Facebook Ads, one of the great strengths of Linkedin Ads lies in the multitude of targeting criteria specific to BtoB, thus allowing optimal targeting of its audience before any campaign is broadcast.

We take care of your Linkedin Ads Campaigns

Traffic & Sales.

Boost qualified traffic to your website.


Develop your professional network & build your brand image.

Generate BtoB leads.

Reach a professional audience with targeted ads.

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