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We spread your stories on Social Media.

Our Social Media and Community Management Agency is experienced in developing your reputation and visibility online.

We are ready to meet any challenge by developing your strategy and running your brand’s social media for you.

Connect people to your brand & build a community around your products and services with a powerful Social Media Strategy

Social Media & Community Management Agency - AJC Vanuatu

Our Digital Agency rolls out all its expertise on a daily basis for the management and animation of your Social Pages.

To be effective in our time, it is essential to integrate a Social Media strategy at the heart of your Marketing strategy.

Your brand’s presence on Social Network is directly associated with the business performance, growth and development of your company.

With our experienced team, we will support you in setting up an effective strategy to increase your notoriety, develop your brand image, retain your customers and increase your SALES!

How we boost your Social Media ?


Whatever the size of your business, your industry and your goals, we support you in your growth on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

+ Audit
+ Positioning strategy
+ Editorial Strategy
+ Growth Strategy


From the strategy defined together, we design targeted quality and original content to retain your community.

+ Copywriting
+ Storytelling
+ Creative content
+ Interactions and moderations


We analyze each post published in order to continuously optimize the strategy and thus increase the interactions on the following posts.

+ Follow-up
+ Evaluation
+ Optimization

AJC Vanuatu Social Media Management Agency in Port Vila

Why Auditing your Social Media?

The audit of your Social accounts and pages will allow you to better understand your subscribers, define your audience and determine your positioning compared to your competitors.
It is essential in order to build a successful strategy and quickly make your Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin pages profitable.

Followers Analysis.

Who are your followers? Why are they following you? What are their behaviour towards your content?

Channel Analysis.

What Social Networks are you present on? Do they match your target? What is your positioning and your strategy?

Animation Analysis.

We analyze your content and interactions, as well as the quality of your posts.

Competitor benchmark.

We analyze your industry, your market, the presence and strategy of your competitors.

Social Media boost your SEO

With an efficient strategy on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin you can boost your SEO and your visibility on the web.

Indeed, you create quality backlinks, you make your brand stand out at the top of search results on Google, you develop your image and bring additional traffic to your website.

Use Social Media to boost your SEO with AJC Vanuatu

Combine your posts with a Social Ads strategy

Advertising campaigns are a great way to increase your turnover on your website.

Based on your business and goals, we create ads and set up a conversion funnel to acquire new customers.

Through our remarketing strategies, we can target users who have already browsed your website to turn them into customers at a lower cost.

Our goal is to ensure you a quick return on investment (ROI)!

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