Annual Return Obligation – Department of Labour & Employment

  • AJC wishes to inform its clients that the Department of Labour & Employment Services has issued a Notice of ANNUAL RETURNS to all employers,
  • The Notice was issued on 25 November,
  • The Notice request employers to submit an annual returns within one month, 
  • Returns must be lodged before December 28, 2020 (postponed to January 31, 2021).

The Return must include the following information (copied from the notice and the legislation).

  1. the date of opening of your undertaking;
  2. the business of the undertaking; and
  3. the numbers of workers employed in the various trade categories of the undertaking at such date as shall be specified in the notice.

AJC can assist you in preparing and filing the requested return. 

Please complete the questionnaire below to assist you preparing this annual return and thus comply with this obligation.

You can also download the document to fill out here.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance.

Rate & Taxes Office 

AJC would also like to remind clients who are VAT registered that you should comply with the new obligation to disclose your TIN NUMBER on all invoices, receipts etc. provided to your customers. No mention of CT number should appear anymore. 

Businesses have until 31 December 2020 to comply.