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Google my Business is a great opportunities for local Business.

There are many advantages and yet few companies benefit from a properly optimized and up-to-date account.

Get more visibility Online with Google My Business

Google My Business - AJC Vanuatu Digital Agency

Do you have a local activity and want to boost your visibility?

Set up a natural referencing strategy geared towards your catchment area.

Google users will quickly find important information about your Business: address, phone number, opening hours and your website.

The first results will have a head start!

It is very important to optimize your local SEO to be the first on these local searches.

The benefits of a “Google My Business” account :

Your Business on Google Map.

Be located on Google Map. Make it easy for your future customers to find your Office / Shop / Hotel / Restaurant / …

Better place on Google search.

Get your Brand and a dedicated space in Google, before the first natural results.

More visibility locally.

Your Company will appear in Google searches for prospects near your offices.

Boost your Traffic & Increase your turnover.

An up-to-date Google My Business account significantly increases your revenue potential.

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